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art haus SYR / PRIDE - 120 Walton St SYR/NY

art haus SYR located at 120 Walton St SYR/NY is proud to present “PRIDE” a group exhibition featuring works by Caitlin Marx, Clove Flores, Corbin Clemons, Jeff Appel, Jillian Hagadorn and Lee Spencer.

Curation by Marianna Ranieri-Schwarzer


Meet the Artists Reception 7/26/24 6pm-8:30pm #thereisnostoppingart

About The Artists:

Caitlin Marx

“Hello! My name is Caitlin Marx, I am originally from Honeoye Falls, NY and currently reside in Oswego, NY. I am a recent graduate from SUNY Oswego, where I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in sculpture. I am a conceptual artist that enjoys a variety of mediums, ranging from painting to large scale sculpture. My work is rooted in themes of identity, feminist issues, relationships, queerness, and the exploration of the past as a form of healing. These ideas have always been prevalent throughout my life, and I feel the innate draw to explore them through my art. Shedding light on topics that are often considered taboo, my work is highly personal and intimate. People often find my vulnerability either validating or uncomfortable, and I am always interested in how my viewers respond. Learning why they have the reaction that they do is very informative and inspiring to my work. It is the connection formed between myself as an artist and my viewers that matters most to me and what I find the most inspiring to keep creating.”


Jillian Hagadorn

Hello, my name is Jillian Hagadorn, and I am a visual artist focusing on drawing and painting in the Syracuse, New York area. I graduated from Alfred University with a Bachelors in Art and Design and a dance minor. I explore these interests through figural paintings that diary my life as a woman living in Central NY and my questions of sexuality, belonging, and the landscapes that shape us. I don't remember a time when I wasn't drawing as a way to make sense of my surroundings.  I come to my paintings with a question and through the act of painting, meditate on that idea. Stylistically, I pull from some of my earliest influences like graphic novels, pop culture, art nouveau, and a world that changes with the weather.


Clove Flores

Hi, my name is Clove Flores. I reside at the Gear Factory, originally born in Arkansas (it’s a long story).

I attended SUNY Plattsburgh, majoring in Expeditionary Studies with a minor in Botany. My studies have given me a fundamental observational perspective that informs my work. I like to think of my self as a visual scientist.

My focus on art began when I was four. My dad taught me how to cut in with an angled brush while we refurbished a thrifted twin bed frame.

I’m currently enjoying sacred geometry & light sculpture as a medium—the manifestation of harmonious form calls to me deeply.

I came into this expression by way of play during my residency at @thegearfactorysyr, a fluid space that has always supported exploration of my most veiled creative visions.

I find inspiration in my work from the intersection of esoteric knowledge and intuitive play. The role of the artist is to alchemize the experience of being into work that serves as a mirror, a key to unlock parts of ourselves otherwise bound.


Corbin Clemons

Hello, My name is Corbin Clemons, I am originally from the Northern New York area and currently reside in Syracuse. I attended SUNY Potsdam where I earned a Bachelor of Arts for Studio Art with a Concentration in Education. I also attended SUNY New Paltz where I earned a Masters of Science in Education for Visual Arts Education. I have recently been exploring the art of self portraits and self transformation. I do not consider myself a photographer but more as an artist who is using photos as a way to capture these developed characters in a conceptual way. I enjoy getting the chance to transform into someone new through the use of makeup, costumes, props, and photo editing. I got into this style by pushing myself to experiment with new art forms and to explore the uncomfortable topic of masculinity in my life. After graduating college my personal artmaking wasn’t as present in my life. It wasn’t until 2019 when I began taking part in performance art through the use of drag. This came easy to me as I am drawn more to my feminine side and it comes comfortably to me. That is why for this photo series I wanted to push myself to explore my masculine side as well as playing around with masculine stereotypes juxtaposed with stylized cake sculptures that have historically brought about a feminine energy. I wanted to play with the themes of exploring one's queer identity and having these queer awakenings depicted in the ways in which each character interacts with their cake. For my art I pull a lot of inspiration from the art styles of surrealism and kitsch, as well as camp themes and aesthetics.

Lee Spencer

Lee Spencer is a Syracuse NY native but spent much of her adult life in Washington DC. Initially, her primary art form was 2D with a focus on grid pattern collage using mixed media. Lee began creating 3D art in 2009 when she was selected for the Washington DC Red Bull Art of Can Exhibit when she created a corset constructed of Red Bull cans. Lee is a production artist for Deviant Productions supporting 3D installation art for immersive art and dance performances. Lee continues to create acrylic paintings and built her skill set in relief printmaking and bookbinding. Lee also runs an annual fundraiser to support youth in Syracuse. Deck the halls is a skateboard art show where proceeds support families for the holidays. Making her way in the creative world has always been a focus for Lee. Expanding her skill set, artistic endeavors and mediums is engrained in who she is.

Jeffrey Appel

Hi my name is Jeffrey Appel. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, became what I believe to be human in New York, New York.

Had a career in television and decided to leave before I wanted it as much as my colleagues did… they were a thirsty group.
Had a career in Banking and decided to leave before it could change me and turn me into a zombie… it was close.
Embarked on a career in Real Estate development and design and found my passion.
My father was an artist and tried very hard to convince me that art was rightfully underappreciated and a frivolous pursuit for people who are unable to articulate their feelings using their voice. He also
attempted to convince me that my voice should be enough to be heard and that combined with my writing skills, I would never be frustrated expressing myself. He was clearly not being honest with me.

The first time I finished a painting that encompassed a complete thought, I was hooked. Though I don’t know where I am headed when I begin, when I’m finished with a piece, I know I got there. I have been painting for 3 years. I am picking up just about anything capable of leaving a mark on paper or canvas and finding ways to make forms and colors that I have only seen in my mind’s eye. My art reflects my state of mind or “life” as I push through it and it leaves its impressions and marks on me. Capturing the changes in my headspace is fascinating to me as I see that represented as an image. I have experienced other people relate to my pictures and that feeling is amazing.


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