A Curated Selection by New York Artists for Fashion, Art + Beauty Lovers

The Communion 109 S Warren St SYR/NY

MIDOMA is proud to present a special collection of works by 4 local artists within The Communion Wine Store located in the heart of Downtown Syracuse.

This exhibition will be on view through 6/3/2024.

About the Artists:

Benjamin Coir

“I was born and raised in the Syracuse area,  where I live and work today.

I studied fine art at Pratt Munson school of art and design in Utica, NY

I developed a love for art at an early age. While moving and changing schools every couple of years growing up, art remained my one constant; creating an outlet for emotion and connection when I needed it the most.

Over the years I’ve explored many mediums but my current focus is primarily on painting. While many artists paint in one particular style, I choose to create my work in a way that most effectively conveys my inspiration on a piece by piece basis.

My abstract work makes space for an emotional response to personal and social issues, whereas my realistic paintings are typically a product of a more conceptual process, subtlety exploring the nuances of the world around me.”


Rachel Miller Anderson

“I am originally from Minneapolis but have spent the last 13 years in Austin, TX before relocating to Syracuse. I studied Interior Design at the University of Minnesota. After a career in various design and styling jobs I began focusing on art during the Covid-19 pandemic. Free time and a shift in priorities led back to my true passion. Emotional abstracts and an irreverent approach to color is my comfort zone, however, play with mixed media, collage, and assemblage all inform my newer work, which explores deeper textures, search for personal meaning, and challenging the rules. I find inspiration for my work in travels, the rich patina of urban landscapes, and beautiful moments of everyday life. “

Sanlly Vierra

“Hi. My name is Sanlly Viera. I am originally from Matanzas, Cuba.

I currently reside in the town of Dewitt, in Syracuse, NY.

In Cienfuegos, Cuba, I studied first to be an art instructor and did ultimately become a teacher.  I then made the decision to enter San Alejandro Academy of Visual Arts in Havana, Cuba for four years which began my professional artist career.

I have lived with a focus on art since elementary school.  I currently enjoy working on urban landscapes, portraits of humans and animals and work in the mediums of watercolors, acrylics and mixed media.

I got into these styles after experimenting with and experiencing all kinds of materials such as oil, tempers, charcoal and inks, but acrylic and watercolor have a certain magic that makes paintings come alive and speak.

I find inspiration in my day to day. It’s everywhere. An object that can be irrelevant for someone, has a pictorial meaning for someone else. My passion for art is fueled in knowing that I can give life to anything my eyes see by capturing it in paint for years to come.”

Michael Schwarzer 

Hi. My name is Michael Schwarzer. I’m originally from Nürnberg Germany. After having lived in Manhattan for 30 years, I now reside in Downtown Syracuse.

When I was 15, my interest in fashion trends and desire to emulate my big brother, led me to pursue an apprenticeship in the hair industry. Working with hair enabled me to work around the globe and gave me the opportunity to collaborate and support artists of all kinds.

My lifelong passion for fashion & beauty photography, combined with love of street and digital art, directed me on the path to my current body of work.

If I had to summarize my style I would say that fundamentally, it’s all about layers. When I’m shooting street art, I look to capture layers that were applied and erased over time creating fascinating new scenes. In various forms, manipulated digital photographs and/or those applied to a canvas along with paint, paper and other physical mediums, take on a very different feel from where the shot began.

I find inspiration everyday, everywhere with what’s right in front of me and enjoy working with tools that are available to me at the moment, especially when not so traditional a tool.

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