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MIDOMA Superhero Shirts

In April of 2020, New York City became the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. Subsequently, in the fight of COVID-19, NY was the first state in the nation to mandate wearing a mask. This effective tool has shown tremendous success and remains a critical part in preventing the spread of the virus, saving countless lives.

Motivated and inspired by the events that took place in NYC during the early part of the pandemic, Midoma created its own “Be A Superhero – Wear A Mask” awareness campaign. After relocating to Syracuse, NY in July of 2020, Midoma continues to do its part in spreading and reinforcing the “wear a mask” message.

Make a statement - Continue to spread the “Wear A Mask” message  - Wear a Midoma Superhero PSA shirt.

*Scan the QR code on the back of your shirt to watch Midoma produced, Take Action video clips.

Spread Love, Don’t Spread The Virus!

All shirts proudly printed at Print Hub Syracuse 

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