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Street Gallery 400 S Salina St SYR/NY

MIDOMA Gallery is proud to present its 3rd Street Gallery location in Downtown Syracuse. Current Art Cycle #2 features photography by 7 NY artists (curation by Midoma Co-Founder Marianna Ranieri-Schwarzer).




Much of the world is obsessed with celebrity and the perceived celebrity beauty. A huge part of the population, which includes impressionable young people, believe what they see. When in a weak, emotional state, one can tear themself apart, and see themself as not being enough. Not tall enough. Not thin enough. Not pretty enough. Not talented enough and the list goes on and on. In a heightened state of confidence, many people think they are the best at X, Y or Z and will let you know it. Everyone is seemingly looking for their five minutes of fame. With this series, I ask you to question how you view celebrity. Look closer. As a subject yourself, know that someone is always watching. Everyone is famous. My mobile art walls, lend themselves as dramatic backdrops or room dividers. Art work for both sides of each piece, are shown on this site.


2: Augmented Realism #13

4: Augmented Realism #11 / Sagacity collaboration with Joshua Handville

By: Michael Schwarzer

Michael Schwarzer’s body of work came out of, and exhibits, forced change. After 30 years in NYC, twenty of which fully supporting fine artists, with nothing but time and nowhere to go, he became one. Michael, a lover of street art, coupled his lock-down photo series sessions with his years of street art photography. In street fashion, he prints out, pastes up, paints over while also incorporating re-claimed paste-ups from NYC streets at times. There are several layers at work here combined with a forward-thinking sensibility, attracting an audience from upstate to downstate.



5:The Loyalists

6: Introverted Dance Party

By: Tyrone Johnson-Neuland

“Committed to pushing boundaries, discovering new forms of expression”

My art is a testament to the long-established tradition of the Expressionists, carrying forward their legacy of intense emotions and vibrant colors. Through a process that embraces the battle of the chaotic versus the introspective, I delve deep into the realm of personal and emotional experiences.

Drawing upon the expressive power of color and the dynamic nature of gestural brushstrokes, I seek to convey the strength of feelings and the complexities of the human experience. Each stroke on the canvas becomes a battlefield, where chaos and introspection collide, giving rise to unexpected and captivating results. It is within this clash of energies that I find the true essence of my artistic expression.

My paintings, whether representational or abstract, serve as vessels for discovering profound depths within objects, space, and the soul. They are born from the crucible of day-to-day encounters, where the joys and challenges of being a father, husband, employee, and son intertwine with my role as an observer of the modern world. Through the medium of paint, I process these encounters internally, striving to make sense of the world that surrounds me.

In each brushstroke and color choice, I navigate the tumultuous waters of personal and emotional landscapes. My art becomes a conduit through which I challenge, question, and even contradict the cultural norms that permeate our society. It is a visual dialogue that encourages viewers to reflect upon their own experiences and confront the complexities of the modern world.

I invite you to embark on a journey through my paintings, where the vibrant hues and dynamic compositions serve as gateways into the depths of the human condition. Explore the interplay between chaos and introspection, witness the emotional intensity unfold, and discover your own connections to the shared experiences we all face. Together, let us navigate the ever-evolving tapestry of emotions and find solace, meaning, and inspiration in the colorful landscapes of our shared existence“.


Light Sculptures 

By: Metamorph Ink Studios


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